About us

The WaDeD project was developed for the ROSE project in Spring 2013 by a team of four students of Télécom ParisTech:

Sacha Delanoue

Patrick Lambein

Hubert Lefevre

Pedro Terra Delboni

with the precious support and supervision of their instructors:

Alexis Polti

Samuel Tardieu

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About ROSE

The ROSE (Robotique et Systèmes Embarqués) project, also known as “Embedded Systems Architecture” (ELECINF344/ELECINF381) is a pedagogic project in embedded systems. It has been taught annually at Télécom ParisTech by our two instructors since 2003 and represent 120 announced class hours, and a little more than that in practice.

If you liked WaDeD, you should check out the other projects for the 11th edition of ROSE:

HARP: display holograms using a led matrix and retinian persistance.

ROLED: an interactive LED cube.

Rose Rolls: hack the Sphero, add even more awesomeness. And a LED.

WAMI: high precision indoors localization.

You should also check the website of ROSE, which contains posts of all the different projects explaining how we did it, day after day.

If you are interested into ROSE as a course, our teachers wrote a paper (in French) about the pedagogy involved. You can find it at this address.


WaDeD is essentially our work. However, we want to express our gratitude towards other projects that helped make ours possible.


The Operating System we used in our project. Simple to use and reliable. If you are into embedded systems, chances are you already know it. Otherwise, check it out!


For lending us some of their WizziMotes and letting us use their WizziKit, as well as for their precious advice on low-frequencies radio.