The Walking Dead Drops


What is WaDeD?

Electronics and radio

Network and algorithm


Source code (New)




Development of WaDeD 2.0

We are working on reducing the electrical consumption by asleeping the composants and synchronizing the waking up of all WaDeDs at the same time, in order to exchange the messages. WaDeD must be time synchronized and able to correct the possible errors that can occured over time. More information soon.

WaDeD using Bluetooth Low Energy

A version of WaDeD using the Bluetooth Low Energy instead of Dash7 is currently being developed by this-year session of ROSE. You can follow the progress of the project Drop And Roses on ROSE website and while you are at it take a look at the other cool projects!

Release of the source code

The source code of WaDeD is now available on GitHub. The program is under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The program use ChibiOS and is up to date with the current version of ChibiOS available on GitHub (on 21th March 2014). If you are using our code for a project let us know :)